Dany Helou is a Lebanese music arranger who started his musical path at the age of 16 when he played in a series of clubs up until 2003. “1001 Night Society” was released in 2003 where Dany served as both the music arranger and the composer, where his talent helped construct tracks that took influence from the progressive house and chill-out genres.

It wasn’t long before Dany’s talents were noticed, and as such he was asked to arrange the Ricky Martin track “One Night Man” that was featured on the album, “Sound Loaded.” This opportunity took Dany’s career to the next level and by 2006 he had started working with both local and international artists who wished to utilise his talents, which included studio production, composing and the arranging of artist’s tracks.

By 2013, Dany’s in-depth knowledge of the music business led him to become a music producer and supervisor on the pan-Arab talent show, “Star Academy Arabia 9.” He would then showcase his talents further by appearing on as a music producer during 2015’s “X-Factor” series.

The vast knowledge and experience that Dany Helou has gained throughout the last 20 years has allowed him to build an archive of over 250 songs that have been produced for local and international artists. Dany has also worked as a music producer for many concerts that have been held in Lebanon